Birdman shares for the first time about his Lil Wayne tattoo: ‘He is the only person I will not lose in this life’


The tattoo is a large image of Lil Wayne’s face on Birdman’s left chest.

The tattoo was done by famous tattoo artist Mister Cartoon.

The tattoo is very detailed and realistic.


The tattoo is said to symbolize the friendship and partnership between Birdman and Lil Wayne. Birdman is the founder of the record label Cash Money Records, where Lil Wayne signed his first recording contract. The two have worked together for many years and achieved much success.

Other Lil Wayne tattoos on Birdman:

Birdman also has a tattoo of “C5” on his left arm, which stands for Cash Money Records.

He also has a tattoo of “YMCMB” on his right arm, which stands for Young Money Cash Money Billionaires, a hip hop group that includes Lil Wayne and other artists.


The Lil Wayne tattoo on Birdman is a symbol of the friendship and partnership between these two hip hop artists. Tattoos are impressive and detailed works of art.